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Contact me for pricing on any size giraffe you need. Sculptures are built to last from various sizes of steel components welded and powder coated for a lasting finish. The giraffe structures on this blog are built in Fresno California by Topiary Ark.  Fabrication and design by Peggy Harshman, for live topiary or stands on its own as a yard art sculpture.

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April 25, 2012 @ 10:45 AM


Topiary Frames are welded steel shapes made of metal wire and rod. Animal topiary forms built to create an Elephant,Monkey,Squirrel,Giraffe,Horse,Ram any animal can be custom designed and built to specification as a Topiary Frame.

  Any shape from People to Pets,Marine animals,Tropical animals and objects such as a Hot air balloon,Champagne glass,Light House,Sea Horse, Letters and numbers virtually anything can become a Topiary Frame used as a plant holder to guide live plant growth.

   Once the frame is installed in its permanent location with the live plants the process of filling in the Topiary Frame begins, and this can take a few months to complete depending on the size of the custom...

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