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Topiary Frames
Topiary Animals Created Just for You!


           Custom Topiary Yard Art Sculpture


 Topiary Ark is different because we specialize in custom topiary frames, forms design and fabrication. We build topiary animals, fish, birds,topiary letters. Topiary numbers, wedding for table top decorations or wall art, yard art. Since 1985 California lady welder Peggy Harshman has been building three dimensional commercial, residential outdoor decorations.  Peggy has the ability to create most any type of two or three dimensional topiary frames.   

 Topiary is a specialty line of products for home or commercial application. Life size topiary animals including giraffes and horses, people, structures such as windmills,light houses,wishing wells or what ever meets your minds eye. We give free estimates for all your topiary needs. Our frames are also available for Topiary mossing applications and custom base mount frame work for ground foundation and structural support. Please contact me for a free estimate or with any questions you may have. We use powder coating for a durable baked on finish that resists weather and corrosion. All our Topiary frames and forms are designed and built in Fresno California.

Live Topiary is a frame or form of any size or shape used to guide live plants. As the plants grow to fill in the topiary frame the animal or object begins to take shape. Some grooming is required during the fill in process, this takes a few weeks and larger topiary structures can take several months to fill. The reward for patience and careful grooming is a finished work of topiary art that lasts for years.

  Mossed Topiary is a special modified topiary frame to hold sphagnum moss this is a dry non living moss used to decorate the topiary frame and for planting purposes. A topiary frame can be packed tight with moss to create a soil compost material suitable to support live plant growth or stand on its own as a mossed topiary work of art!


 Topiary Frames

 The art of topiary is a unique process design comes from what you see and experience throughout the day little things serve as inspiration, self expression through the hands of another is truly a unique experience. Topiary is made from a picture taken on a holiday trip or magazine photo. Fantasy or whimsical all animals or objects can create its own topiary sculpture presence. A well landscaped home or business beholds many a pleasure to the eye and keepsake to the heart.



Mossed script letters available in any font style

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